Help for Chronic Upper Back Pain and More

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Innovative treatment for various chronic and acute conditions.

Our philosophy is to provide you with a multidisciplinary approach to treating even your most elusive pain conditions. We make it our mission to find the condition and stop it in its tracks, while finding the initial cause of the condition.

Most chronic conditions can be debilitating and often need a specific treatment plan to help you feel your best in the quickest, most effective way that is most fitting for you and your goals.

Trust in our experienced, skilled, and compassionate team.

When it comes to back, knee, and neck pain treatments, we understand that everyone’s situation is different, which is why we will work with you on an individual basis to tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs. Don’t let chronic upper back pain or some other kind of pain stop you from enjoying life to its fullest. Instead, turn to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists for the care you deserve. No matter what kind of condition may be ailing you, we have the experience and skills to help you, and we will do so with a friendly smile.

Here is a comprehensive list of the more common conditions to help better serve you:

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Anatomy of the Spine

Back Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Cervical Radiculopathy

Degenerative Disc Disease

Facet Joint Syndrome

Herniated Discs

Knee Pain

Lumbar Radiculopathy (Sciatica)

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Spinal Stenosis


Where Lower Back Pain Begins

Patient education is very important to us.

We curated select videos to help you learn more about the cause of your condition, as well as treatments that are available.