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Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm

By Appointment Only


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Abdominal Pain
Back Pain
Hip Pain
Knee Pain
Shoulder Pain



Minimally-invasive pain management procedures, using the latest technology and treatments for immediate relief


Epidural Steroid Injection

Epidural Steroid Injections are used to reduce inflammation and provides immediate pain relief.

Medial Branch Block

A Medial Branch Block is a diagnostic procedure performed to identify a painful facet joint.

Medication Management

Different types of pain require different pain management treatment options

Second Opinion Program


We created our Second Opinion Program to empower patients with a deeper understanding of where they are now and confidence in their journey to recovery. Second opinions are a common practice in medicine, and you owe it to yourself to feel secure in what lies ahead.



medication management agreement

Southern Pain and Spine Specialists has a policy regarding the prescribing of controlled substances, and every patient who receives a prescription for controlled substances needs to read and sign an agreement regarding these medications. Not all patients are candidates for this type of medication, and not all patients will benefit by this type of medication. Each patient will be evaluated on an individualized basis and some may not be a candidate for this type of treatment.

In order to protect your health and Southern Pain and Spine Specialists’ prescribing ability, patients are monitored very closely for possible addiction, abuse, and diversion. This monitoring may include frequent follow-up office visits, urine drug screening, and the sharing of medical records between your physicians and your pharmacies. You should not expect to receive a prescription for a controlled substance at your first visit, and Southern Pain and Spine Specialists reserves the right to not take over the prescribing of controlled substances from other physicians on a case by case basis.


Dr Alamarie and his staff are the best! I would recommend this office to anyone who has pain, and would like great care. Dr. Alamarie was very thorough and took time to explain things to me. My experience was excellent!
Dr Alamarie is a terrific Dr and is always very concerned about how I am feeling. He has done numerous spinal injections on me and has NEVER hurt me. I have had injections at other places and they told me “I’m gonna blow your foot off” and it did feel that way. The way He puts the medicine into my spine they always work wonders on me. I am a 4 time spinal surgery veteran and have never had a Dr that was so caring that he is hurting me and is constantly asking me when he does my injections if I’m ok. If you are looking for a Pain Management Dr look no further than Dr Ammar Alamarie!
He has been managing my pain for 2 years. I am able to stand longer in church and play with my grandkids. Thanks Dr. A!
Dr. Alamarie eliminated the back pain that made my life miserable. He listens to you, explains what he will do, and his staff is outstanding. I finally went to the place that has made my life 100% better!
I only have great things to say about Dr Alamarie. He always has a plan to help me manage my pain. I am allergic to most meds. He was able to have my insurance approve therapy for my neck.
Dr. Alamarie is phenomenal. He spends a lot of time with his patients to really understand the issues and recommend appropriate care. The office has onsite ability to provide steroid injections for spinal issues, which saves a ton of money and time versus going to the hospital for treatment. The staff is very helpful, attentive and responsive. I could not recommend this office more.
Dr. Alamarie is a gracious and considerate doctor who genuinely cares about the individual he is treating. He is trying to help me with a health issue that I have had for many years that most doctors ignored. I truly believe he is a wonderful doctor that loves his patients experience better health.
I saw Dr Alamarie after seeing a couple of pain doctors in town. They kept me on medications and my right foot was getting weaker. I was told by them “use your cane”. Dr Alamarie took the time to make sure my insurance approved my MRI lumbar. I needed to have surgery and I am blessed that he sent me to get back surgery. The spine surgeon told me if I held off surgery any longer I would have had permanent weakness. Dr. Alamarie is honest and I would recommend him to my friends and family!
Dr. Alamarie is an amazing doctor. He is all about patient care. He and the staff are awesome. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for a pain specialist.
Dr. Alamarie and his staff was very personable and professional making my experience very comforting. Thank you!
Dr. Alamarie and his staff are phenomenal. I’ve had major spine surgeries involving multiple rods and screws in my lower spine. I’ve dealt with Scoliosis for years as well. Dr. Alamarie listens and comes up with an ideal treatment plan for you. His goal is to help relieve your chronic pain. I am very happy with all they have done for me and would gladly recommend them.
Dr. Almarie is very attentive and helpful for anyone who is suffering. He made me extremely comfortable and explained my case thoroughly to me.
Doctor is awesome! He listens to you and my back injection gave me instant pain relief. The place is super clean and staff is friendly. I would definitely recommend this place!
Doctor Alamarie is a great physician, a professional: not only because he knows what he is doing, and get great results to a patient problems, but also he has such a jovial personality and this ability to make anyone feel comfortable: he knows how to approach a patient, his calm assurance, his way to communicate with you, its clear explanations make one feels confident and positive. A trustworthy doctor.
Great doctor and staff and a much more pleasant experience than many places I’ve been. Glad to have found Dr. Alamarie.
I would recommend Dr. Alamarie to anyone experiencing pain. I feel the fact that he is an Anesthesiologist makes him even better equipped to help with pain management. He listens and is genuinely concerned about helping you find healthy relief. He has really helped me with migraine headaches. The office staff is also very kind!
I came to Dr. Alamarie in severe pain. I was in tears almost every day after leaving work and walking to my car. I had been told about my only option left was a fusion but I did not want that. Dr. Alamarie listened to me and offered options. Two months later I am having minimal to no pain most days. No surgery and no opiates. He is compassionate and knows how to listen. I am forever grateful.
I relocated from out of state and was very nervous about seeing/finding a new doctor here. I was able to get in right away! Where I lived before it could take months to see a Pain specialist. Dr. Alamarie has wonderful bedside manner and was thorough in his questions and examination. His staff was helpful and patient as well.