We can move, perform daily activities, and get around thanks to our joints. They enable both easy and difficult movements for humans. Therefore, injuries are frequent. Age, deterioration, misuse, and traumas are all potential causes of joint discomfort. Depending on the underlying cause or condition, the pain may be modest to severe and may impede mobility.

Treatment for Joint Pain

In order to reduce pain and increase mobility, Southern Pain & Spine Specialists offers treatment for joint pain in Charlotte. We can identify the underlying cause of your joint pain and treat it thanks to our integrative, interdisciplinary approach to pain management. Treatments for joint pain may involve rest, physical activity, dietary or lifestyle modifications, injections, therapies, and/or drugs. Medical assistance is required if rest and over-the-counter painkillers are ineffective in treating your joint discomfort.

Regenerative Medicine for Joint Pain

Alternative treatments that support the body’s innate ability to repair, like PRP therapy and stem cell therapy, are included in regenerative medicine. These procedures lessen joint discomfort by regenerating, replacing, or repairing bodily tissues. Stem cell therapy is utilized for more complex surgeries, whereas platelet rich plasma therapy, or PRP therapy, cures less severe joint and tendon injuries.

Regenerative medicine sometimes enables patients to forego needless operations. Surgery is intrusive, hazardous, and requires a lot of recovery time. Minimally invasive regenerative medical procedures can be carried out at a doctor’s office. Rarely do side effects occur, and the body heals itself without the same hazards and downtime. The recuperation time may just be a few days as opposed to several months.