Being in pain is quite uncomfortable for most people. Even a minor pain, such as a stubbed toe or a paper cut is unpleasant but, we still know that pain fades relatively quickly. Now, imagine suffering from back pain that never fades. Or that fades only to come back a few hours later. What would that do to a person, especially if it’s left untreated? Keep reading to find out why ignoring back pain is a really bad idea!

The pain will likely get worse.

If you ignore your back pain, it could become worse! Yes, we know..this is an obvious reason. But what you don’t know is, if back pain is left untreated it could go away but come back worse if you’re injured again. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Even in the absence of pain, your bones and muscles could be experiencing stress, causing them to function poorly- without you even realizing it. This could cause you to get hurt more often, or make you more susceptible to a future back injury.

Your pain can turn into chronic back pain 

If you’re experiencing acute back pain caused by an injury, such as a tear or strain, then you need to focus on properly recovering that muscle to its fullest. Not allowing the injury to heal the right way can turn your acute back pain into chronic back pain, which is defined as pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer. Chronic back pain is even often ignored, and when left untreated has been associated with anxiety, depression, reduced quality of life, and drug dependency.

You could develop a spinal injury

When you have back pain, you change the way you move, often putting unnecessary strain and pressure on other parts of your back and body. When back pain is left untreated in one area, it then can lead to new or worsened pain in other areas, especially in the spine. Prolonged nerve irritation, which occurs when back pain is left untreated for too long, can lead to permanent disabilities. Untreated vertebrae injuries can even lead to spinal stenosis (the narrowing of the spinal canal), radiculopathy (severe nerve pain), and nerve damage. As we’ve said, ignoring back pain is a really bad idea!

Depression could develop 

At Southern Pain And Spine Specialists, we’ve noticed that as much as half of all our patients with chronic pain also have a mood disorder, such as anxiety or depression. And the numbers are telling. Chronic pain makes you feel helpless, worthless, and sleep-deprived––all hallmarks of the most common mood disorders. 

At the same time, people with chronic back pain have higher risk of financial woes due to missed work and medical costs, which can also lead to depression. On top of that, the pain and depression actually worsen one another, advancing both conditions. 

Your injury will accelerate

When you go a long period of time without treating your back pain, the injury accelerates, leading to loss of mobility and chronic stiffness. 

Losing the ability to move freely can contribute to a loss of independence, which is another factor that may spark or worsen depression. Other side effects of not being able to move are muscle weakness and weight gain, which can lead to more serious health problems down the road- including heart disease and diabetes.

Muscle fatigue will get worse 

Your body relies on the muscles, bones, and ligaments in your back to properly move and exercise. If that part of the body isn’t working at its peak, the rest of your body will be limited as well. As a result, you may find that your muscles get fatigued a lot faster than they once did if you’re suffering from chronic back pain. Before you know it, you change your life just to avoid the pain. 

You could require surgery

Eventually, an untreated spinal problem could require serious medical intervention. With surgical costs, imaging, medications, and other expenses included, the price of waiting could be tens of thousands of dollars, even as high as $100,000 or more. A lumbar fusion can cost as much as $169,000. 

But it doesn’t have to get that far! At Southern Pain and Spine Specialists, we are specialized in world class spine and nerve therapies. Our goal is to treat and relieve you of your pain without surgery! 

Don’t Give Up

While at times it may feel hopeless—especially if you already struggle with chronic back pain—remember that leaving your condition untreated will only worsen the situation. But addressing it head-on can change your life for the better! 

Dr. Ammar Alamarie, at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists, is a double board certified interventional pain physician. He specializes in a high range of issues, including neck pain, sports injuries, thoracic pain, upper back pain, knee pain, lower back pain, opioid and non opioid management. And he tailors treatments to the specific condition and the patients’ requests, whether he’ll recommend surgery, a chiropractor, physical therapy, medication or a combination.

At Southern Pain and Spine Specialists, we’re here to help you get relief from the pain so you can get back to your active lifestyle fast! We have helped countless patients and hurting families regain their life back. It’s your turn! Don’t ignore your back pain anymore! Click Here to contact the spine center Charlotte, NC residents rely on, and reserve your FREE consultation with us today! 


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