Millions of people in the U.S. have suffered from acute or chronic back pain. Acute back pain develops suddenly, often as a consequence of an identifiable injury. It can resolve within a matter of days, but may last up to six weeks. Chronic back pain tends to develop more gradually over time, and it may become progressively worse. It’s defined as pain that lasts at least three months, or pain that occurs intermittently over about six months. Whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, you deserve rapid back pain relief. 

Possible causes of acute mechanical back pain?

Acute mechanical back pain is a common medical problem. Acute pain is pain that has been present in your back for less than four to six weeks. Mechanical means that the source of the pain may be in your spinal joints, discs, vertebrae, or soft tissues. Acute mechanical back pain may also be called acute low back pain, lumbago, idiopathic low back pain, lumbosacral strain or sprain, or lumbar syndrome.

Most persons will experience acute low back pain during their lifetime. The first episode usually occurs between 20 and 40 years of age. For many, acute low back pain is the first reason to seek medical care as an adult. Pain can be moderate to severe and debilitating, causing anxiety. 

Many cases are self-limited and resolve with little intervention. However, 31 percent of persons with low back pain will not fully recover within six months, although most will improve. 

Recurrent back pain occurs in 25 to 62 percent of patients within one to two years, with up to 33 percent having moderate pain and 15 percent having severe pain.

Common Treatments for Acute Back Pain

Most minor cases of acute back pain do resolve fairly quickly. Patients are advised to rest, but for no longer than a day or two. Prolonged bed rest can actually worsen acute back problems. Instead, your physician may prescribe a pain medication to help you tolerate movement. You may also be advised to work with a spine and nerve specialist to receive treatments to help strengthen weak muscles so you don’t hurt yourself further while healing. 

Chronic back pain problems

The spine and its supporting structures are quite complex. Chronic back pain can be caused by a number of problems that affect these structures, including:

Chronic back pain

The term “chronic pain” is generally used to describe pain that lasts more than three to six months, or beyond the point of tissue healing. 

Treatment for Chronic Spine and Back Pain

After diagnosis, Southern Pain and Spine Specialists will discuss our recommended treatments with the patient. Treatment is aimed at relieving pain, improving physical function, and reducing pain-associated psychological distress. 

After diagnosing your condition, we take a look at the obvious next step, the treatment. We use the latest research proven in medicine to rid you of all chronic pain in the safest way possible.

Most oral pain relief medications aren’t intended for long-term use, given the risk of physical dependence and tolerance. Instead, chronic back pain may be managed with a combination of the following treatments:

Therapies can include:

Spinal injections, such as epidurals, facet blocks, and selective nerve root blocks


We offer a wide range of treatments for a wide range of chronic pain conditions. Review them here.

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