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Facet Joint Injections in Charlotte, NC

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What are Facet Joint Injections?

The facet joints, found on both sides of the back of the spine, can become painfully irritated or inflamed. A facet joint injection may help diagnose the source of a patient’s pain. It can also relieve pain and inflammation.

The Procedure 

Skin Numbed

In preparation for the procedure, the physician numbs the skin and tissue above the facet joint with an injection of local anesthetic.

Placement Confirmed

With the aid of an x-ray device called a fluoroscope, the physician guides a needle through the numbed tissue and into the facet joint. Contrast dye is injected into the joint to confirm the needle’s placement.

End of Procedure

Back or neck pain may disappear immediately after a successful injection because of the anesthetic that is administered. As this anesthetic wears off, pain may return. The steroid will begin to take effect in the days after the injection. The steroid will reduce inflammation and pain. The injection can provide relief for a span ranging from several days to several months. Up to three injections may be given per year.


How Facet Joint Injections Help with Back Pain

Facet joint injections in Charlotte, offered by Ahmad and his orthopedic team at Advanced Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, are an effective solution for reducing back pain and spine-related discomfort. These injections can help alleviate back or neck pain, providing relief for up to 3 days on average.

While the relief may not last long-term, these injections reduce pain and inflammation, offering temporary relief. With a comprehensive approach to pain management, we prioritize a complete diagnosis to ensure fast and effective treatment. Book an appointment today to learn more about how facet joint injections can benefit your specific area of complaint.

Understanding facet joint pain

Facet joints in the spine can become a source of localized pain due to factors like degeneration or injury. Accurate diagnosis is crucial to pinpoint the issue, as facet joint pain can mimic other spinal conditions.

Effectiveness of injections for back pain

Facet joint injections provide targeted pain relief by reducing inflammation and temporarily blocking pain signals. They also serve as a diagnostic tool, confirming the source of pain. These minimally invasive injections can significantly improve back pain caused by facet joint issues, enhancing a patient's quality of life.

Other treatments for back pain

Neck and Back Pain Relief 

Suffering from neck and back pain? Discover effective treatments like facet joint injections, which target the source of your pain, reducing inflammation, and blocking pain signals for targeted relief.

The role of facet joint injections

Consider combining different spinal injections for enhanced pain relief and improved outcomes, especially for complex spinal issues.

Combining spinal injections for better results

Benefits of seeking interventional treatment 

Interventional treatments, such as spinal injections, offer minimal invasiveness, shorter recovery times, and non-surgical alternatives, making them a valuable choice for pain management.

Spinal Injections in Charlotte

Types of spinal injections available

Explore different spinal injection types, like epidural steroid and sacroiliac joint injections, tailored to your specific diagnosis and needs.

The benefits 

Spinal injections offer targeted pain relief, reduced inflammation, and diagnostic value. They can significantly improve your quality of life and mobility.


Consider spinal injections, such as facet joint injections, in your neck and back pain treatment plan. Discuss options with us for a more pain-free and active life.

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