Neck Pain, thoracic pain and lower back pain affects millions of people worldwide, hindering their daily activities and overall quality of life. While surgical interventions have traditionally been considered for severe cases, advances in medical technology have paved the way for alternative treatment options

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) 

Facets at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists have emerged as a promising non-surgical solution for individuals seeking relief from chronic neck and back pain. This article explores the benefits and efficacy of RFA Facets as an alternative to back and spine surgery.

Understanding RFA Facets:

RFA Facets, also known as radiofrequency neurotomy or rhizotomy, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to target and disrupt the sensory nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals from the facet joints of the spine to the brain. 

The facet joints, located between the vertebrae, are a common source of chronic neck and back pain, typically resulting from degeneration or arthritis. By using radiofrequency energy, the procedure selectively ablates or destroys the nerves, thereby alleviating pain without removing or altering the underlying structures.

Benefits of RFA Facets:

1.Non-Surgical Approach: 

One of the primary advantages of RFA Facets is that it offers a non-surgical alternative to traditional neck and back surgery. Many individuals prefer non-invasive options due to the associated risks, longer recovery periods, and potential complications. 

RFA Facets provide a less invasive procedure with a quicker recovery time, making it an attractive option for those seeking pain relief without undergoing major surgery.

2.Targeted Pain Relief: 

RFA Facets specifically targets the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals from the facet joints. By disrupting these nerves, the procedure can provide significant and long-lasting pain relief. This targeted approach allows patients to experience relief in specific areas without affecting the overall function of the spine or adjacent structures.

3.Reduced Dependency on Medications: 

Chronic back pain often leads to reliance on pain medications, which can have various side effects and long-term consequences. RFA Facets offer a viable alternative by addressing the root cause of the pain, reducing or eliminating the need for long-term medication use. This not only improves patients’ overall well-being but also minimizes the risk of medication-related complications.

4.Quick Recovery Time: 

Compared to surgical interventions, RFA Facets generally require minimal recovery time. While individual experiences may vary, many patients can resume their daily activities within a few days after the procedure. The shorter recovery period allows individuals to return to their regular routines and regain their quality of life more swiftly.

Efficacy and Considerations:

RFA Facets have shown significant success in providing relief for individuals suffering from chronic neck and back pain. Studies have reported positive outcomes, with many patients experiencing pain reduction for several months to a year or longer. However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of the procedure may vary depending on the individual’s specific condition and the extent of nerve damage.

It is crucial for patients to consult with qualified specialists, such as those at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists, to determine their suitability for the procedure. A thorough evaluation of the patient’s medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests will help the medical team assess the appropriateness of RFA Facets as a treatment option.


RFA Facets at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists offer a compelling non-surgical alternative for individuals suffering from chronic neck and back pain. By selectively targeting the nerves responsible for transmitting pain signals, RFA Facets provide a viable solution for pain relief, reduced reliance on medications, and a quicker recovery time compared to traditional neck and back surgery. 

While individual results may vary, this innovative procedure has the potential to transform the lives of those seeking long-term relief from neck and back pain without the need for invasive surgical intervention. 

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