Welcome to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists. You were having a lot of back pain, and it was mostly keeping you up during the nighttime and was causing severe pain in your lower back. We did a spinal cord stimulator; you had an implant with an Abbott device. Tell me, how much it helped you and how much it changed your life.
It’s about 100% changed. The pain is gone. When I get out of bed, or before I get out of it, I can actually turn over in the bed without getting up and turning over. It’s been 100%.

What has changed in regard to your medications and overall well-being?
Medications are going down. I’m not taking so much hydrocodone. My well-being…it lifted my spirits. I don’t have to drag around a hurting body all of the time.

Have you increased your overall activity?
Much, before I’d hate to get out of the chair because I knew it was going to hurt. I didn’t want to walk because I knew it was going to hurt. Now I can get up and go.

Would you recommend spinal cord stimulation for anybody with severe continuous back pain?
Everybody. This have been great, a great experience.

Do you think you got your life back?
Oh yes, definitely!

It was a pleasure taking care of you!

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