Can you tell me about your experience with Southern Pain and Spine Specialists?
Well, since I’ve been coming here the pain has gotten a lot easier, a lot better, less frequent, the pain in my back is totally gone. I have no back issues. I have some pain in my right leg that we’re working on now. Back issues are gone so I do feel much better, moving around a lot easier, doing things that I couldn’t do before, so I’m happy that it’s improved.

We burned the nerves that supply the joints in your lower back and that’s a procedure you’ve never heard of, correct? It’s called a radiofrequency ablation. Have you ever heard of that?
No, I never knew it existed until I came here. The doctor explained it to me and gave me some paperwork and paraphernalia to read and I thought it was a good idea and wanted to try it.

And now you have 100% improvement of your back pain?
Yep, I have no more back pain at all.

How has your quality of life changed?
Much better. I get around a lot easier. I’m able to do things I couldn’t do before; walking longer, doing my own lawn, raking my own leaves.

What about before you came to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists, how was your quality of life?
It was not as good as it is now. It’s better now than it was before. It’s much improved.

Are you having to take as much medication as before for pain?
Not really. The pain medication has gotten less. The dosage is going down. Hopefully I’ll be able to get off of it altogether.

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