Kenneth, welcome to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists. How are you feeling today?

Can you tell me about your experience here and how much your pain has improved?
I have had back pain for about 15 years, real severe, in the mornings I cannot stand up because it hurt so bad. But now, I have zero pain.

So, you have no pain currently?
No pain whatsoever.

How was your overall experience here? We are glad that we are taking care of you and your doing really well. Tell us about your experience.
Super good. I was kind of nervous, but they took care of me. They simmered me down and got my shots done and everything was good.

Do you feel like I showed you a lot of time in regard to patient care and trying to find out how to help you?
Yes sir, a lot of time.

How is your pain when you are walking?

It was a pleasure taking care of you and here at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists we work really hard to control our patients’ pain. Have a wonderful day and we look forward to keeping you pain free as long as possible.
Alright, thank you.

If you’d like help with your pain call us now at 833-704-7246.

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