Hi Marilyn, welcome to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists. You were referred by Dr. Singer for right knee pain, you had knee surgery in 2016, and you had some neuropathic pain there. We did a Radiofrequency Ablation of the genicular nerves in that right knee. How are you feeling?
I’m feeling much, much better than when I came here.

What’s your pain level now?
Oh, about 1.

Are you more active?
Much more so.

Do you feel like the ablation helped you?

How about the laser?

Can you tell me more about how much it helped you?
Well, when I came in, I think the pain level was a 6 or 7, and now it’s down to 1 ½ to 1. I control it very well now with just some Motrin and walking more and more active.

What do you feel like how to the most, the ablation?
Yes, I guess I would say so. Yes.

Okay, and then how do you think your quality of life is?
At my age I think it’s very good.

Okay, well it’s a pleasure taking care of you. We take care of all of Dr. Singer’s patients and our goal is to allow patients to become more functional. 

Do you think you had overall great experience?
I do, I’m very happy with my experience with the results so far.

Do you think you could go back into dancing?
I never was a dancer, so I don’t think so. [Laughing]

It’s never too late to start. 
I walk a lot more though, at least a mile a day and I’m increasing it a little bit all the time.

It was a pleasure taking care you Marilyn, thank you for leaving review. 
Thank you!

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