My pain level is at a zero

Donny, welcome to Southern Pain and Spine Specialists. How has your experience been here?

How is your back pain? You came here with severe back pain, and you’ve had it for multiple years. What’s your pain level?
Right now it’s at a zero.

How do you feel like your treatment has been here at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists? 

Can you tell me more about your back pain and how it affected your life? 
It got to the point where I just about couldn’t hardly move. I couldn’t do yard work or anything like that around my house and now I can get out and just about do jumping jacks.

So, you were retired and now you’re feeling so good you’re going back to work. 
Yeah, the boss man called me back yesterday and asked me if I’d come back and help him out.

You think your back is that well that you can go back to full-time work?
Right now, yes.

It was a pleasure taking care of you. Our goal here at Southern Pain and Spine Specialists is to help patients feel much better and become functional. We’re glad you’re doing very well. 
Well thank you, sir.

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