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Now Accepting Patients From Interventional Pain Center, Charlotte

On April 6th Interventional Pain Center of Charlotte posted the following:

“IPC closure – Please be advised that as of April 6th, 2020, the Interventional Pain Center (IPC) has closed. Pursuant to guidelines published by the North Carolina Medical Board, we will continue to provide care on an emergency basis for a maximum of 30 days (May 5th, 2020). We recommend that you find another physician to take care of you…”

Full text available on the Interventional Pain Center website

Reasons to consider us:

  • A fellowship is advanced training in a specialty and not all physicians complete one. Dr Alamarie is fellowship trained in pain management.
  • Most patients want a board-certified physician. He is board-certified in both anesthesiology and pain management.
  • Experience counts. Dr Alamarie has over a decade of experience.
  • Get leading edge treatment options. We offer the most advanced pain treatments in the Charlotte area including; Kyphoplasty, Spinal Cord Stimulation, RFA, Ultrasound Guided Procedures, and more.
  • Higher quality, with lower costs. We operate a self contained procedure suite, so our patients avoid the additional costs of hospitals and surgery centers.

“I am a patient advocate,” he says. Dr. Alamarie specializes in a range of issues, including neck pain, sports injuries, thoracic pain, upper back pain, knee pain, lower back pain, opioid and non opioid pharmalogical management.

Dr. Alamarie uses a comprehensive approach and tailors treatments to the specific condition and the patients’ requests, whether he’ll recommend surgery, a chiropractor, physical therapy, medication or a combination. Above all, Dr. Alamarie brings honesty and expertise to his practice and says, “I will tailor to the patient’s specific condition by taking a detailed history and physical exam, and using the appropriate diagnostic tools when necessary.”